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  • Spending Too Much On Drinks? Opt For Water

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    Spending Too Much On Drinks? Opt For Water

    Many of us are tempted by the early morning coffee run, especially if we walk past a high-street coffee brand pumping out the delicious aroma of brewing beans! But beware: that daily coffee habit can scald your salary. Consider this. If you spend £3 a day on coffee when you go to work, you will be spending £60 a month minimum on your morning fix. That works out at more than £700 a year! Coffee can also be bad for your health, as an excess of caffeine can stress your adrenal glands and make you feel jittery and lethargic when the effect wears off. Yes, a small espresso or good-quality black coffee is an enjoyable occasional indulgence that will not harm you, but if you’re opting for sugary, caffeine-laden drinks with cream, sugars, flavoured syrups and other additions, you will put on pounds of weight as you lose pounds of cash! It’s far better for your health and your wallet if you start enjoying drinks at work instead. When it’s cold, use the hot water boilers or kettle to make a cup of herbal or fruit tea. Green tea is also incredibly healthy and benefits your body in myriad ways, thanks to its powerful range of antioxidants. Cold drinks are refreshing and stimulating. Why not try a squeeze of lemon into water from your office water coolers, or mix cooler water with fruit juice and some mint leaves to create a 'virgin' cocktail for your mid-morning break. You should rapidly feel the benefits of drinking this extra liquid, which will help you stay healthy and alert. You will also find that you no longer get the energy ‘crash’ associated with caffeinated drinks. The effects on your wallet should be beneficial too. If you spend a year off high-street coffee, why not use the money saved to treat yourself to a healthy indulgence such as a weekend away at a spa? Latest news from Waterlogic, leading UK supplier of office water dispensers, bottled and mains-fed water coolers and eco boilers.