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  • Sports Drinks? Save Your Money!

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    Sports Drinks? Save Your Money!

    When you start a health-and-exercise regime in a bid to get fit for the new season, it can be difficult to work out what healthy products and foods you actually need to support your new lifestyle. If you are working out with weights, for example, you may wish to incorporate a product such as whey protein into your diet to support muscle growth and recovery after exercise. If you are running, you may wish to make sure that you have a high-carbohydrate snack before and after your workout to rebalance your glycogen levels and give yourself a boost. But what about fancy 'sports' drinks? Are they really necessary and will they help to increase your performance and reach your goals more effectively? Probably not. Most sports drinks are basically a mix of simple water and additives. These additives may be potentially useful (e.g., vitamins), but more often than not they are simply chemical additives to provide colour, flavour and sugar (or a derivative). Many diet drinks contain as much sugar as a snack and some contain even as much as full-fat carbonated drinks. Those with low calories often have plenty of additives in them, which you may also want to avoid. The fact is your body simply needs water to stay hydrated. The basic water you can get from your bottled water cooler at work will give you what you need. Get a sports bottle and sip on your drink during your workout. If you are working out over a long period or at a high intensity, save yourself money and make your own recovery drink. Again, visit the bottled water coolers, top up your bottle and then add a pinch of sugar and salt. You could add a little fruit or lemon juice for extra taste and vitamin C ; and there you have it, one healthy, low-cost sports drink! Latest news from Waterlogic, leading UK supplier of office water dispensers, bottled and mains-fed water coolers and eco boilers.