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  • Starting the New Year Afresh

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    Starting the New Year Afresh

    If you're looking to make one New Year's resolution, upping your intake of water could be one of the best moves you make in 2013! Why? Because water is integral to good health and is responsible for a multitude of actions in the body, from lubricating joints and ensuring that the electrical synapses in the brain fire properly towards keeping skin soft and healthy. Once you delve into the science of the human body and the role that water plays, it becomes rapidly apparent that water is vital to every aspect of your health. It's also interesting to know that humans are made up of nearly 70% water! So, keeping adequately hydrated is essential. It's not complicated, either. No gym routines, detox diets or fad purges are required. Simply head to the bottled water coolers at work, the boiler or even the tap and fill up your glass or mug with some basic H2O. Aim for at least eight glasses a day from the bottled water coolers in the office, which are usually conveniently situated and easy to use. You can jazz up your water too with some lemon slices, mint sprigs or even a little low-sugar cordial. You'll find quite quickly though that your taste buds soon learn to appreciate the taste of water on its own. You may even find that your sense of taste begins to improve as you drink more; this is quite common, as your taste buds begin to renew and find that they don't need sugary additions to sense new flavours! Another great tip is to start the day with a slice of fresh lemon in a glass of warm water to get the digestive system working properly and to keep your body slightly alkaline. This is its preferred state and modern life can easily make it too acidic. So give your body a helping hand with more water! Latest news from Waterlogic, leading UK supplier of office water dispensers, bottled and mains-fed water coolers and eco boilers.