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  • Stay On the Ball This Winter With Plenty of Water

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    Stay On the Ball This Winter With Plenty of Water

    Now we’re well into the winter, it is more important than ever to keep yourself well hydrated. The mornings are often dark and gloomy, and when you get ready to leave for home it is often the same as well, so keeping your energy levels high is important. There are a number of ways to combat this lull in work commitment. First of all, getting plenty of sleep is important – you will want to charge your batteries for the long day ahead. Similarly some exercise is handy, but one thing people often overlook is drinking plenty of water. Water has a lot of benefits. It helps your muscles get vital nutrients, keeps your skin moist – a particularly problematic issue in the dry winter months – lubricates the joints and even helps get all the good stuff delivered to your vital organs. If your workplace has a water cooler, you can make sure you keep yourself well hydrated by keeping a cup filled up. Every time it empties, just top it up. Of course, not everyone will fancy cold water as a drink when it’s quite chilly outside, so for those people it is possible to drink hot drinks instead. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t simply swap these out for coffee and tea, which can be calorific, and contain stimulants. If you are going to commit to drinking more water, you should drink green tea or a similar kind of herbal tea. This ensures you get the benefits of drinking water, but get a flavoursome warm drink too. Alternatively, just stick some lemon and a little honey in some hot water for a very healthy alternative to plain old water. Staying hydrated in the winter is a great way to keep yourself alert. Often you’ll find a little hunger pang you’re feeling is actually your body trying to tell you to drink more water. So keep yourself alert and help yourself get through the long slog of winter.