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  • Stay Cool As The Weather Heats Up!

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    Stay Cool As The Weather Heats Up!

    Next time you walk past the bottled water cooler at work, make sure you stop and fill up a jug! The weather is getting warmer and this means that we all need to focus on hydration. Yes, it has felt as though the cold winter and spring have continued almost indefinitely, but now the sun is out and this means that our bodies will need an additional hydration boost to function as efficiently as possible. Remember, our bodies are made of around two thirds water, and this balance must be retained for health and vitality. The common wisdom is to drink around eight glasses of water each day, but if you are active or work in a physical job, you may need to increase this amount to ensure that you don't become dehydrated. This is easy to do and half of the trick lies in getting yourself into the right habits. For example, when you walk to a meeting or to the bathroom, stop en-route and fill up a cup of cold H20 from the nearest bottled water dispenser. Simple water is always a good choice over sugary and chemical-laden concoctions, which stress your body more than they benefit it! These drinks are also notoriously expensive, so you will save a good deal of money if you cut them from your diet and enjoy water instead! Keep topping up during the day and enjoy hot drinks too as you fancy them; herbal teas and green tea are great options, as they are low in caffeine and won't stress your adrenal system. Having said that, an occasional high-quality coffee is fine as a welcome pick-me-up, and tea is also packed with nutrients and beneficial compounds. So, take the time to enjoy a catch-up, some conversation and some welcome hydration, and drink plenty of water! Latest news from Waterlogic, leading UK supplier of office water dispensers, bottled and mains-fed water coolers and eco boilers.