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  • Stay Cool at Work – Tips for a Refreshing Summer

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    Stay Cool at Work – Tips for a Refreshing Summer

    As the temperature rises, it can get a bit hot and stuffy in the office and the team's performance generally starts to decline as the mercury rises! As an employer, there is plenty that you can do to boost work motivation, energy and performance - by introducing healthy practices into the workplace. For example, why not install new water coolers in a prominent place such as a meeting spot, breakout area or kitchen? There are various types to choose from including bottled water dispenser models, or mains-fed filter models, depending on your needs and budget. Encourage your staff to drink more water - taking time to leave their desks, stretch their legs and re-hydrate. This will boost office health and you should see a reduction in sickness levels if this is incorporated into a wider programme of healthy benefits. You could also install hot water boilers, which instantly provide plenty of water for making rounds of teas. Why not combine these with some herbal tea boxes for a delicious and health-supporting boost, rather than over-ordering on the coffee? Caffeine does provide a short-term boost, but it ultimately leads to fatigue. Other popular employer schemes include introducing a fruit box, rather than focusing on sweets and cakes in the office. The latter are delicious, but they lead to blood sugar highs and lows which have a strong impact on activity and performance in the afternoon, when staff are struggling to stay awake. You could also link up with a local gym for a corporate offer and encourage your staff to benefit from lunchtime exercise sessions. Some companies set up team pedometer challenges to record the most steps with a prize for the winners, whilst others invite yoga teachers or aroma therapists to give motivating lunchtime sessions. These often cost very little, but will provide a real boost to morale and motivation for your teams.

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