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  • Stay Healthy in the Sun by Drinking Sufficient Water

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    Stay Healthy in the Sun by Drinking Sufficient Water

    When the weather heats up, staying cool can become a challenge and that's where the importance of water comes in. If you feel thirsty, you are already mildly dehydrated. You may start to notice symptoms such as tiredness or fatigue, low energy, dull skin, a mild headache, dry eyes or even aching joints or digestive problems, which can become a feature of long-term dehydration. Be sure to top up your water regularly and sip on two litres a day for maximum health and beauty. It's important not to drink it all at once, as you'll simply overload your system. Better to visit the water cooler in the morning and fill up a jug with fresh cold water, some ice cubes and a sprig of mint or lemon twist, or enjoy herbal or fruity teas with hot water straight from your office's hot water dispensers. Just be sure to avoid caffeine when drinking water-based drinks. You can eat your water too - by increasing your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. This will combine your water with vitamins, minerals, essential acids and the all-important energy that comes from eating fresh, natural foods. You'll start to feel great and keep cool too. Try a slice of cooled watermelon on a hot day for a real treat. Remember that when it's very cold, it's also important to stay hydrated because it's often difficult to realise that you are dehydrated. Wearing warm clothes can make you sweat as you move between in and outdoor environments. So opt for hot drinks to keep your core warm and enjoy the comfort of hot liquids. Just avoid too many caffeine based drinks, as these can stress your adrenal glands and nervous system. It is usually better to opt for natural fruit or herbal teas, or even that winter classic: hot water with fresh lemon and honey.

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