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  • Stay Hydrated in Autumn

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    Stay Hydrated in Autumn

    With summer now moving into autumn, it is time to take a fresh look at the drinks you enjoy. In particular, you should focus on whether or not you are keeping adequately hydrated at work. If you work in a physical role, you will likely need more than the recommended 1.5-2 litres of water a day, as this guideline is suggested for anyone working in a sedentary role. Equally, if you work in a warm environment, you will need to keep topping up with cold water from the nearest water coolers. Even if you work in cold conditions such as warehouses or manufacturing plants, it is important that you stay hydrated; try hot drinks from the kitchen water boiler. For all office workers, it is best to avoid caffeine, which can stress your adrenal glands and leave you feeling tired and run-down. Typical symptoms of caffeine intolerance include jangling nerves, insomnia, tension headaches and a feeling of being on edge and fatigued. The occasional cup of fresh, high-quality coffee is fine, but constant top-ups of instant coffee from the nearest water boiler won't leave you feeling in tip top condition. Remember, it is clear, pure water that your body needs and craves, so treat it well with plenty of fresh, purified cool water and it will reward you by performing well and looking great. Remember too that it is also possible to 'eat' water by increasing the amount of food in your diet that contains high levels of water. Such foods include most fruits and vegetables, but also soups, which are high in stock. These will bring not just water to your diet, but also plenty of vitamins, minerals and fibre to keep you in tip top physical condition. You'll start to feel healthier and more energetic as your body gets used to drinking more water.

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