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  • Stay Hydrated, Stay Smart

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    Stay Hydrated, Stay Smart

    How Angel Springs is helping the London education sector

    Water is essential. It gives life to the small organism, to us humans. In fact, most of early life begins in water of some kind. As we grow, develop and learn, we need water, and yet, it can sometimes be in short supply.

    The education sector in London

    There are 33 local education authorities within London Borough, meaning that there are hundreds of primary schools and high schools. With such a high population too, these schools are large regarding pupil numbers.

    But London is renowned the world over for the high education it provides, with thousands of students from across the globe choosing to come to London to study. There are 40 higher education institutions in London, not counting foreign universities with London branches.

    These are all centres of excellence is their rights, welcoming a student population of nearly half a million each year. The global ranking of universities is carried out, measuring them against a set of stringent criteria.

    A London university beginning to creep up these rankings into 7th position – and thus the top university in London - is University College London, also known as UCL. With 52% of its student population being post graduate, it also has all its faculties and branches in the heart of London.

    Imperial College London, King’s College London and London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) are all following close behind.

    Water and education – the link

    There has long been a belief that water and education walk hand in hand, and that some students when deprived of water for only a few hours, can function less well than when they are hydrated.

    And the research that proves this point has now been published – and it is a British piece of work, coming out of one of the many world-class centres of learning. The conclusion is clear: drinking more water can improve the brain’s ability to complete tasks, especially those that require an immediate response.

    And it seems that these improvements were significant in people who considered themselves thirsty before they drank water as part of this experiment.

    Test subjects were asked not to eat and drink from the early evening before the tests. In the morning, they complete a series of tests. They were then given a glass of water, and their mental ability to complete tasks increased by 14%.

    What stops us drinking water?

    In education settings, the biggest factor in being able to supply access to drinking water in public space within a school, college, faculty and so on is the budget.

    In America, there is a strident campaign in motion, led by the First Lady Michele Obama, to get kids moving. But increased exercise leads to thirst. And although there may be a drinking foundation in school, there are rarely any cups for the students to use.

    Thus, they tend not to bother. The same is perhaps true in many educational institutions here. Many students carry filled water bottle with them, with some taking the opportunity to re-fill them from a water fountain – if available.

    And so, with such critical information and research coming to the fore, no London based educational establishment can afford to ignore it anymore – the supply of clean, filtered and chilled drinking water in their premises will help their students learn.

    And this is where Angel Springs comes in.

    We have a variety of packages that make the provision of either bottle-fed fountains, or plumbed-in water fountains a real option, with the supply of cups, and all within budget.

    We understand water like no one else

    Of course, water is not just for students either. Hard working teaching staff and lecturers also need to remain hydrated and topped up throughout the day. With each day being so busy, with deadlines to meet as well as all those lessons to give, maintaining hydration levels can be difficult. Filtered water in staff rooms, faculty corridors, canteens and so on is without doubt, is both viewed as being welcome and essential.

    We understand education too

    We work with many different agencies and business in how they can help employees to be sharp and focused, with water being the key. We also produce a range of interesting and educational blog posts, both for our website and published on the web too.

    Everyone needs water. So stay smart, stay hydrated with Angel Springs.

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