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  • Stay Hydrated, Whatever The Weather

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    Stay Hydrated, Whatever The Weather

    The British weather is a topsy-turvy affair at the best of times, and this year is certainly no different. Just when it seems as if summer is well and truly gone, the weather will warm up again for a day or two out of the blue or, at least, it will turn very humid. With the constant switch in temperatures, weather conditions and so on, it’s hard enough to prepare yourself clothes-wise for the day ahead, let alone for anything else. In the rush to get through the day, keeping well hydrated often gets overlooked. At least during humid weather you feel a natural urge to consume more water, but once it gets chilly this may be put on the back burner in favour of hot cups of tea, coffee or even soup. So how can you encourage yourself, and fellow staff members to drink more? Well, to mix things up and keep hydration high, you could encourage staff to eat more fruit, either by having a fruit bowl constantly topped up through the week, or having some literature lying around encouraging healthy eating, drinking and the five-a-day recommendations. Having a water cooler fitted in your office is a great way to encourage people to stay hydrated. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer in terms of how much a person should drink as it is very interchangeable between individuals – so just advise staff to factor in weight, size and general health, and tweak the old seven-glasses-a-day idea around that. To get around drinking warm drinks instead of water when it gets chilly though, you’ll have to be a tad more creative. Look at healthy options such as green tea, or even leaving a jar of honey and some lemons available, so staff can create a simple winter warmer mixing water, a spoonful of honey and a dash of lemon. It is important to drink more water regardless of the weather, but creating that habit is often the hardest part. With a few tweaks here or there, you’ll be able to at least get yourself and your staff going in the right direction.