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  • Staying Hydrated on the Go

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    Staying Hydrated on the Go

    One of the hardest things about staying hydrated is trying to get enough liquid when on the go. Unless you plan your days carefully, there are often few opportunities to get hold of a drink whilst you are going about your daily business. As a result, you might end up paying for expensive takeaway drinks. This option is also less than healthy; if you often buy takeaway coffees, flavoured hot drinks, carbonated drinks, beverages purporting to be sports or energy drinks or calorie-rich milkshakes, then you may also find yourself adding on pounds in weight (whilst losing pounds in money!). Reverse the effect by getting prepared. Firstly, most offices and gyms will usually have water coolers or bottled water dispensers. These will either offer filtered tap water - chilled and ready to drink - or spring water from bottles. Use these to grab a drink from every now and then; afterwards, fill up a sports cap water bottle and carry it with you as you go about your business. You can use a standard recycled plastic water bottle or invest in a proper sports cap water bottle – the type that usually features a flip lid. Sports cap bottles are designed to withstand many knocks and bumps, so they usually last a while – a worthwhile investment you might say! You can also carry hot drinks with you whilst you are on the go by filling up a Thermos flask. You'll find these in a range of sizes and they are ideal for keeping you warm and hydrated whilst travelling, rather than feeling tempted to nip into a commercial coffee shop. Try making your own coffee or tea, or be healthy and fill up your bottle with hot water and a squeeze of lemon, or some fruit or herbal teas. Green, oolong, mint, nettle and chamomile teas are all great choices with a wide range of health benefits.