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  • Staying Hydrated in Changing Weather Conditions

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    Staying Hydrated in Changing Weather Conditions

    It's fair to say that the summer thus far has been a mixed bag! For every warm and sunny day Britain has experienced, there seems to have been a fair few grey, windy and rainy days too. So, for many people, it is difficult to remember to keep hydrated when the population appears to be surrounded by and immersed in water. Certainly during hot summers, the need for top-ups from water coolers and plenty of ice lollies, fruit cordials and smoothies seems obvious. People are constantly searching for their next source of refreshment, but when the weather is cooler, other than the occasional visit to the water boiler for a cup of tea, the need to top up hydration levels seems less pressing. The fact is that people still need to replenish their water levels and salts throughout the day. Even on very cold days, the human body sweats and people use large amounts of water even just through breathing. So, up your intake levels sensibly, by picking your drinks to suit the day's particular weather offering. Try icy cold fresh water and lemon when it's warm, topping up your jug from the office water coolers. Opt for plenty of herbal teas, green teas and even hot water, lemon and honey from the office water boiler when it's feeling a little chillier. Your aim is to consume around two litres of water a day. Remember that caffeine and alcohol both have a diuretic effect, which means that they actually dehydrate the body, so avoid caffeine wherever possible. Unfortunately, drinking several coffees during the day can be enough to undo several trips to the water cooler. Upping your fruit intake can also help you to stay hydrated, as these natural health foods are packed with water, vitamins and minerals.

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