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  • Staying Hydrated in Hot Weather

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    Staying Hydrated in Hot Weather

    When temperatures rise, so does the human body's need for water. Even those people who work in offices will find they benefit from a regular intake of water – ideally 1.5 litres a day taken at intervals (drinking this quantity of water in one sitting could prove problematic!). People who work in more physical roles tend to require more water. It is remarkably easy to become dehydrated; in fact, health experts suggest that if a person feels thirsty, they are already at the point of mild dehydration. By providing access to a bottled water cooler in the workplace, employees will be able to keep themselves hydrated at all times. This is important because even mild dehydration can result in impaired performance, reduced energy and a dip in concentration. Moderate dehydration can lead to headaches and various other symptoms that may become serious over time if dehydration is a constant factor, which is likely to be the case for those who drink lots of coffee and alcohol. This is because both types of drink contain elements that actually encourage the body to shed its valuable water supplies. As well as utilising a bottled water cooler, people can stay hydrated by increasing their consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables – even low-sugar ice lollies can help to hydrate the body on especially hot days! Treats like these keep staff morale high while providing workers with genuine health benefits.

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