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  • Staying hydrated in the party season

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    Staying hydrated in the party season

    There's nothing worse than starting to feel the effects of seasonal excess. Too many parties, too much alcohol, rich food, lack of exercise and sunshine can rapidly lead to a feeling of fatigue, lethargy and illness. It's no coincidence that many people end up battling colds and upset stomachs once the holidays actually begin! So, make a pact to remain in good health whilst you enjoy the festive season. You may enjoy the odd mince pie or chocolate, but you can still make sure you're drinking eight glasses of water a day from the bottled water coolers at work. You may wish to enjoy a glass of mulled wine, but you can still intersperse alcoholic drinks with hot herbal teas and non-alcoholic punches to prevent yourself from getting too tipsy, not to mention too hungover the next day! If you feel worse for wear after another office party, head to the bottled water cooler in the morning and start your day with a glass of refreshing cold water with a sprig of lemon and one or two ice cubes. This cocktail will help your digestion, hydrate your body and help to counteract your headache (which is actually just an early sign of dehydration). Remember to get water from foods too. Healthy seasonal favourites with a high water content include oranges, pomegranates, crunchy apples, berries and plenty of vegetables such as root vegetables, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, onion and brassicas and dark-green leafy vegetables. Eat as many of these as you can to get a regular water supply alongside a vitamin and mineral infusion. As one last tip, avoid eating too many simple carbohydrates such as sugars, these are often present in cocktails and other sweet festive drinks; opt for low-sugar tonics or low-sugar juices such as sugar-free cranberry. Failing that, fresh water from the bottled water coolers will win hands down every time on the health front! Latest news from Waterlogic, leading UK supplier of office water dispensers, bottled and mains-fed water coolers and eco boilers.