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  • Staying Hydrated On-The-Go

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    Staying Hydrated On-The-Go

    When you lead a busy working life, it is easy to become dehydrated. The signs that you need more water will often include a tendency towards headaches, afternoon lethargy, digestive problems, fatigue and other general signs that you aren't performing at your peak. Many people tend to mistake natural thirst as a sign of hunger and will eat more food. This does provide some water, as most food is primarily made from water, but it also provides a range of calories and other nutrients or additives that you may well not need! One of the best things you can do for your health is to recognise the sign of thirst and use facilities, such as bottled water dispensers or kitchen kettles to keep hydrated. Remember that if you do feel thirsty, it means that you have already become dehydrated. Try to avoid this by spacing out glasses of water from the water coolers at work - or hot herbal teas - throughout the day. Simply fill a bottle at the office bottled water dispensers before you travel off to a meeting, or drink a large glass of water in the office kitchen before you go on your travels. Whenever you stop to take a break, incorporate a drink and make sure it is a healthy one. Remember, caffeine, sugar and other additives will not necessarily help you in your quest to stay healthy. Commercial sports drinks, for example, often contain additives such as flavourings and preservatives and will be filled with sugar. This will not help your performance unless you are training for many hours at an advanced level. For most people, basic water is sufficient and you can experiment with whey protein shakes after your workout for muscle repair and recovery. Remember to sip regularly from your water bottle while you exercise, particularly on a hot day - and don't forget that you need to drink when swimming too.

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