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  • Stylish Office Water Dispensers to Suit ALL Office Interior Designs

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    Stylish Office Water Dispensers to Suit ALL Office Interior Designs

    Not every office is the same. Different functions are performed but not only that, the interior styles of offices vary too. For example, some offices that are open to public viewing will have a certain appeal, whereas other office spaces will not see the public visit but may have areas where guests and visitors are welcomed. A water dispenser plays an important role in ANY workspace, but especially in the office. As employers, you encourage your workforce to be as healthy as possible. You encourage healthy work patterns and work/life balance. You may also take a proactive approach such as a subsidised gym membership. Investing in water dispensers is yet another proactive step in encouraging people to stay fit, strong and healthy. And here’s why: a healthy workforce is a hydrated one. Maintaining hydration levels throughout the day keeps the body, mind and soul alert and productive. Of course, it is not just about drinking water, but a water dispenser goes a long way in helping people make great choices. But there are times when we are in need of a cuppa, or we need a coffee. Or maybe on a hot day, chilled water would be refreshing. Or how about carbonated water to ring the changes?

    How to Choose a Water Dispenser – The Factors

    There are many factors that influence the type, style and size of a water dispenser that would best suit your office and work areas;

    SIZE – Dimensions

    First on our list is size in relation to the amount of space you have to accommodate a water dispenser.

    We understand that not every office is blessed with acres of space and when it is, it is filled with equipment and people. There can be little room for an additional piece of kit such as a water dispenser.

    Lack of space also impacts on its location. What you don’t want is to squeeze it into an inaccessible corner or area of the office.

    Thankfully, we have a range of solutions of water dispensers if office space is lacking. Our freestanding bottle fed water dispensers are relatively slim in profile, but we also have countertop water dispensers that fit into most kitchen or canteen spaces.

    For an uber-minimal water dispenser, why not consider a counter top water tap with the ‘working’ of the dispenser neatly hidden away in the cupboard space beneath?

    SIZE - Capacity

    Second on our list of consideration is the number of people who could potentially use the water dispenser. In most cases, our bottle fed water dispensers are more than capable of delivering water – hot, cold, sparkling or ambient – at the rate required on an hourly basis.

    In a very busy work environment, we would suggest investing in multiple bottle fed water dispensers or why not look at what a plumbed-in version could offer your office base?


    The days of bulky plastic water dispensers are long gone. Designers have revolutionised the style and appeal of water dispensers, creating a growing range of pleasant looking dispensers.

    Some water dispensers are available in black, as well as white. And there are some manufacturers producing them in a silver or grey coloured finish too.

    Water taps are long and lithe, as well as polished chrome plated – easy to keep clean and look great too.

    The water dispenser does not have to stand out – it can melt into the background, or you can opt for a design and finish that is a thing of beauty.


    We have hinted at the water ‘types’ that can be dispensed – as well as ambient temperatures, most water dispensers offer a chilled option too.

    Increasingly, our office customers are opting for a combined cold and hot water dispenser. More energy efficient that boiling a kettle throughout the day, hot water is always ready to be dispensed, ideal for shortening queues at the kettle during break and lunch times.

    There’s no need to worry as there is a safety feature that prevents accidental drawing of hot water, so no scalding and no accidents!

    There are also dispensers and water taps that dispense carbonated water too. A great alternative to sugary soft drinks, sparkling water is refreshing on the palate too.

    Portable or Fixed?

    And finally, you can opt for freestanding or countertop water dispensers that can be moved, should you want to change their location. Providing they are within reach of an electrical socket; you can place these just about anywhere.

    Some office customers have opted for a more permanent and fixed approach, opting instead for a mains-fed water dispenser. There are a few technical aspects to this – for example, it must be plumbed directly into the water supply and not to a system with a holding tank (our engineers will perform a feasibility study), but they dispense great tasting water that is filtered and chilled too.

    Need Help To Make a Choice?

    It’s important to get it right, and that means tapping into the knowledge of our expert team. Just call us on 0333 600 1845 or text TRIAL to 60777, and we’ll do the rest!