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  • Summer May Be Gone, But Drinking Water is Still Important

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    Summer May Be Gone, But Drinking Water is Still Important

    Autumn has arrived, and the long, hot summer days are gone ‘til next year. It’s a sad, but inevitable state of affairs. But, hey, at least we don’t have to worry about drinking so much water, right? Wrong. While we may be more worried about wrapping up warm to prepare for the wintry cold, it’s still important to drink plenty of water. Maybe it’s because we see keeping hydrated as something of a summertime concern, but many of us simply go back to drinking plenty of tea and coffee rather than ensuring we drink fresh, clear water. However, keeping yourself hydrated is just as important in the autumn and winter months as it is in summer. That’s because keeping on top of your hydration can help you fight off infections – after all, keeping your body well hydrated helps keep your immune system in top condition. As well as fighting off infections, water is very good at keeping your natural ‘detoxification’ systems in check too. Of course, if you do feel a little rough, it’s never too early to take the winter approach of lemon and honey. It’s a simple winter warmer, a dash of lemon and honey inside a warm glass of water – but it helps and you will at least start to feel better, even if it takes your body a little longer to be fully fitting fit. The same approach is great for combatting a sore throat too, so keep it in in mind the next time you feel a croaky throat coming on. The cold weather also often leads to dry skin, and by keeping yourself well hydrated you can combat the effect of the chilly weather, and keep your skin shining through. So remember, even if it feels like winter has come early, you should still keep a bottle of water in your bag!

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