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  • Surprising Benefits of Water

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    Surprising Benefits of Water

    We all know that we should drink plenty of water to maintain good health, but why exactly is this? Here are some surprising benefits of consuming plain and simple H20, whether it's taken from mains-fed water coolers at work or mineral water bottles. Water is all you need to detox Forget fancy products, supplements, detox teas, drinks, powders and other commercial preparations. All your body needs to detox effectively is water. Detoxification will happen primarily via your skin and kidneys. It kicks in naturally when you start to eat healthily, exercise and increase your intake of water. Water versus beauty preparations Forget expensive oils, beauty creams and lotions; the main aim of most of these preparations is to try to keep water inside your skin. Instead of moisturising from the outside, keep your skin looking beautiful by increasing your intake of water. This moisturises and cleanses your skin from within and helps your body to carry out its natural functions more effectively. Adequate water can also plump out your skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It can also help to lessen the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, which can be linked to an accumulation of toxins through dehydration. Increase energy levels Dehydration is often a primary cause of lethargy, irritability, fatigue and other symptoms such as headaches or digestive disorders. By simply filling up at work, via a bottled cooler or the canteen mains fed water coolers, you can keep yourself feeling energised and ready to go throughout the day. Water can help you to lose weight Often when we think we feel hungry, our bodies are actually crying out for water. So, instead of simply reaching for food, try filling up with a glass of water and you may well find that your hunger pangs disappear. Equally, drinking a glass of cold water before a meal can help you to eat less!

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