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  • Surviving the Switch to Water

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    Surviving the Switch to Water

    So, you know that you need to increase your water intake, but how do you do so in a painless way? For those making the move from drinking occasional sweet and carbonated drinks, along with strong coffees and other quick fixes, the transition to plain and pure water can be difficult initially, as with any lifestyle change. If you're cutting down on caffeine, you may experience tension headaches and feelings of irritability or lethargy. This is perfectly normal and marks the withdrawal symptoms of caffeine leaving your body. To help the detox process, plenty of water will cleanse your system and leave it healthy. Your taste buds might take a while to adjust to plain water after being used to sugary and flavoured drinks, so start small. Mix fruit juice and water together initially and then reduce the sugary addition until you're hooked on the perfectly pure stuff! You'll find that your sense of taste improves and cleanses, so fill up from your office water cooler or bottled water dispenser on regular occasions! Add healthy ingredients instead of damaging sugars and additives. Fresh lemon is a hugely beneficial cleanser, powerful antioxidant and source of vitamin C. Try adding a squeeze and slice to your fresh, chilled water. Mint is good for the digestion and you can drink it hot, instead of tea. Experiment with sugar free cordials, or make your own ginger and elderflower cordials if you get really creative! Try herbal teas and fruity teas, which provide interesting flavours with very few calories and no chemical additives or caffeine. Persevere and you'll start to feel more energised, bright, alert and generally filled with well-being. In fact, in no time at all, you'll wonder why you ever used to drink strong, sugar and caffeinated drinks!

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