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  • Ten Good Reasons to Drink More Water!

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    Ten Good Reasons to Drink More Water!

    The next time you're contemplating a drink, head to the office water coolers and away from the vending machine! Here are ten reasons to drink more H20. 1. Your blood is more than 80% water, which is used to make new, healthy blood cells. 2. Drinking more water helps lessen bodily pain by facilitating your lymphatic system, which is a network of tubes, nodes, vessels and fluids that remove waste build-up in your bodily tissues. By drinking more water, this system can function more efficiently. 3. Your bones are more than 50% water and, again, adequate water is needed to make new, healthy bone tissue. 4. Water will help expel toxins and waste from your body through the kidneys, lymphatic system and intestines. This is great for beauty and health. Toxins build up from all sorts of things, such as smoking, alcohol, inactivity, pollution, poor diet and general living. Water helps your body remove waste. 5. Water lubricates each of your joints, so if you feel joint pain, fill up at the bottled water coolers in your office! 6. Water actually helps to regulate your metabolism, so if you're trying to lose weight, try drinking a little extra water! 7. Water also regulates your body temperature, which is why it's even more important to drink water in hot working conditions, or jobs where you're particularly physical. 8. It helps to ensure the electrical functions of your entire nervous system and brain! Scientists estimate that your brain emits about as much as electricity as a 60W light bulb! 9. Water naturally alleviates dehydration and it's believed that as much as 75% of the population is regularly dehydrated! 10. Every organ and cell in your entire body needs enough water to function at its best.

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