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  • Ten Tips For Your Office To Make You More Creative

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    Ten Tips For Your Office To Make You More Creative

    Creativity is at the heart of every business, innovation, and idea. Creativity allows people to find new working methods, work more efficiently and excel in their craft. With the positives of creativity, it is no wonder that business owners are looking for ways to adapt their environment to foster it.

    We can achieve more and enjoy doing our work when we're in a creative space. Read our top tips on office creativity to transform your office into a place which inspires and encourages.

    1. Make It Bright

    When you have a blank mind, or you can’t think of the next step, you need a workspace that helps to stimulate your thoughts. Sometimes you need the freedom to daydream and refocus. By decorating your office space with bright and vibrant colours, you can easily stimulate your brain.

    1. Reduce Clutter

    Having a cluttered or untidy working space often means a cluttered mind. To allow your creativity to roam and have space, the physical space that you work in is important. With a tidy space that is free from clutter, you have a sense of freedom and openness which can be reflected in your work. Nobody likes a mess, after all.

    1. Choose The Mood

    Offices shouldn’t just be confined to one colour scheme; each room should be decorated in a way that suits that particular room. A customer lounge should be warm and welcoming, whereas a meeting room should be creative and stimulating. Always choose colours that suit the nature of the space.

    1. Make Breaks Fun

    To produce the best work, you need to stay energised. This is why it is so important to have regular rests and adequate breaks. A break room should be installed to allow workers to take their mind away from work and recharge their batteries. Have stimulating games and options available to give a proper break. A doodle wall, table tennis or reading corner are all great ways to rest and rejuvenate in a creative way.

    1. An Idea Wall

    Sometimes it is hard to find the time to sit down and share ideas with decision makers in the workforce. Instead of running the risk of forgetting your most recent brainwave, offices should adopt an idea wall that allows the free-flow of creative thoughts. An idea wall allows people to add to your suggestion and offer their own opinions, an effective team working space that can be used together.

    1. Decorate With Company Culture

    Gone are the days of generic office artwork, nowadays companies are harnessing fun and inventive decor to adorn the walls. Philosophical thoughts, comedy sayings and fun, quirky art can all help to add to the creativity without being generic.

    1. Adopt Flexibility

    People like to work in different environments depending on what project they are working on. For team projects, a large space where you can talk freely is important whereas some people with a tight deadline may need solitude, and to work without the distraction of others. By offering flexible working spaces, you can meet the needs of your team, whatever the situation.

    1. Add Plants

    There is nothing better for creativity and the mind than getting back to nature. Whilst that may not be possible while you are at work, office plants can be an excellent way to add greenery and life to your office. A living wall can be great for creativity or if that’s impossible choose flowers and plants to liven up your space. Make sure to keep the plants healthy; there is nothing that will kill creativity more than dead and wilting plants around the office.

    1. Open Borders

    Instead of separating the various teams in the office, break down the borders and allow people from different teams to work together. By reducing team spaces, you give the opportunity to form latest ideas and to share opinions and collaborate. It can be much more efficient to allow teams to cross-pollinate, as they find better ways to work together. In turn, this can help to save time and be much more effective for both teams.

    1. Watch People

    By monitoring the habits of your workforce, you can work out the best environment for their needs. If you notice that people often stand outside the front door for air, add a picnic bench outside. If people use the sofas in the visitor area, find a place where you can have social working space in the office. By watching how people work best, you can find more great ideas on how to keep your office as creative as possible.