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  • The Advantages of Renting a Water Cooler

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    The Advantages of Renting a Water Cooler

    If you are considering hiring a water cooler for your workplace, you may have considered another option too – buying one. It seems an attractive option to buy a water cooler but there are some things that you need to know… Buying a water cooler In essence, it can seem like a great idea – a one-off payment, plug it in, and away you go. No need for ‘expensive’ monthly payments and so on. It can seem like a bargain and a great way to solve the problem of supplying your workforce with clean, safe drinking water. All the responsibility is on you - or it becomes someone’s job to change the bottle, buy more cups, make sure there are plenty of cups attached to the machine, order refills, recycle the water bottles and so on. But there is something far more important that this – a water cooler must be kept hygienically clean, with a deep clean with a bleach-type wash every three to six months, depending on the number of people that use it. If you don’t do this, nasty little water-borne bugs and cretins get into the system, leading to an ill workforce. If the source is the water cooler and you have not maintained it, as the employer you are responsible. You could face heavy fines. If you are prepared to take on every aspect of the responsibility of maintaining and cleaning the water cooler, then this is the option for you. Many businesses, however, take a far easier option – they rent a water cooler, with all this maintenance and cleaning included. The pros of hiring a water cooler The advantages are numerous:

    1. Full service included – all our packages relating to the lease and hiring of water coolers includes a full service. Water coolers are machines that need electricity to cool, and sometimes to heat water; although they have very few moving parts, there are times when the cooling or heating unit can start to malfunction. Like all mechanical items, they appreciate regular servicing and are far less likely to breakdown if well-maintained.
    2. Regular filter replacement – after a while, even under constant use, a film known as a ‘bio film’ starts to form in various parts of the water cooler system. This could be described as a sticky magnet, attracting all kinds of bacteria and providing them with the perfect basis for breeding. Allow this to carry on, and people who drink this bacteria-laden water can become very ill.
    3. Regular sanitisation – this is important and is all about ensuring that the bio film doesn’t take hold in the water cooler. The British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) recommend that water coolers are cleaned every 13 weeks. This means using a correct bleach-solution that is washed through the system, taps and drip tray. Making sure this is the right solution is important, as any residue can change the way the water tastes – and it is not pleasant!
    4. Breakdown cover – our water cooler rarely breakdown or malfunction but when they do, they need to be repaired or replaced. As part of a hire agreement, a water cooler will be repaired or replaced in good time. If you own the machine, it means finding a repair company, as well as possibly finding money to replace it. This takes time and effort too.
    5. Delivery & installation included – buying your own machine is all well and good, but are your confident to install it correctly? How do you know it is in the right place? As part of a hire agreement, lease customers can have their machine installed and delivered without paying anything extra – or having the hassle or the worry.
    6. Regular rental payments – when leasing a water cooler, there is a contract that clearly sets out everything you need to know such as how much you will pay every month, what this includes and, if there is a contract term, how long this is.
    7. Extra options – you may also find that at the end of the contract term or at some point within it, you can opt to have a new, upgraded machine. When you buy a water cooler, you have it until it stops working or you buy another one.
    8. Stress and hassle - free – frankly, leasing a water cooler is far less effort and far less stressful than being responsible for buying a water cooler, changing the bottle, cleaning it, recycling empty bottles, order more bottles, ordering more cups…
    Wouldn’t it be easier to have this all done for you?