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  • The Advantages of Water Coolers for Businesses in Scotland

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    The Advantages of Water Coolers for Businesses in Scotland

    Like all countries, Scotland depends on and needs a thriving economy. The backbone of any economy are companies with skilled workforces. Take a fleeting look at the history of industry and you will see how much the economic landscape has changed. But there has been one other major change – the conditions in which people work, and the way that they are ‘looked after’ by employers has also changed considerably. The 21 st century is no different, and many companies will be aware of how modern, fast-paced life affects their staff. From the smallest business to the largest global of empires, the need for staff to be able to step back from work, gain a better work/life balance has never been more apparent.

    Recent research There are studies and results being released on a daily basis that inform companies on how they can play a significant role in maintaining and promoting health among its workforce. Recent studies have shown, for example, that people who work excessive hours every week on a regular basis are at increased risk of all manner of health problems. Businesses want a high level of productivity, but no longer at all costs.

    Our thirst for water There have been many reports over the years that have highlighted the need for us to drink more water, and this is no different in a work environment. In fact, many businesses had realised the benefits of a hydrated workforce long before science backed up their claims. Water cooler for Scottish businesses can bring them, and their staff, many benefits;

    • Combat fatigue and energy slumps – when we work hard and are busy, we do not always allow ourselves the time to eat properly, or stay hydrated either. This means that we snack, but some snacks and soft drinks can create massive amounts of sugar. This gives us only a temporary surge in physical and mental energy, with an inevitable slump on the other side. Remaining hydrated with water is one way of combatting fatigue, as well as eating well, allowing ourselves a chance to have a break.
    • Maintains a lower, healthier blood pressure – when fully hydrated, the human body is around 90% water but, this water is constantly being expelled from the body through urination, sweat and breathing. As the body dehydrates, the internal organs and systems are placed under more pressure as they work. This stress can cause the blood pressure to increase. Keeping the body hydrated maintains the system at a better level of productivity, with little additional pressure.
    • Great in dusty or dry atmospheres – there are some working environments that are dusty or dirty, such as the oil or construction industries. Even though workers are protected with equipment and clothing, it is important in circumstances such as these that works have access to water. A hydrated body is more able to respond to allergens and dust than someone who is dehydrated. Drinking water helps to flush the body of toxins and allergens.
    • Help maintain mental alertness too – the brain is more or less water. It is the most important organ in the body; it is the body that regulates how we not only think but respond and react to certain situations. In high-pressure situations, or ones that are hazardous, you need all your staff fully alert. Water is necessary to keep the brain in a hydrated Thus, the supplying of cooler drinking water for staff is essential.
    • Keeps the body cool physically and emotionally – a hydrated body is one that is working well. Physically, joints are lubricated; the brain is plump with water, and the system is not under pressure to physically perform under stress. But, in terms of emotional responses, a hydrated body performs better too. There are many reasons why conflicts arise in the workplace and water won’t solve them all, but there have been studies that show our emotional responses are improved when we are hydrated. Dehydration can set in quickly and how we respond in some situations can change as a result too.

    We need water more than you think

    It is such a simple provision that can have the biggest effect on your workforce. Encouraging people to make positive decisions in terms of their health is something that many modern and forward-thinking companies are doing.

    As a result, more and more businesses realise the need to provide fresh, clean drinking water. Water coolers, along with filtered water in instant hot water boilers, are commonplace in many companies, of all sizes.

    You can provide staff with drinking water in the office, as well as out ‘in the field’, such as construction sites.

    We know the importance in ensuring access to safe and clean drinking water, as well as the need for minimal maintenance and convenience that these pieces of equipment can offer.