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  • The beauty benefits of water

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    The beauty benefits of water

    Most people know that they should be drinking water to remain as healthy as possible, but did you also know that water has beautifying properties that can keep you looking and feeling young? That's right, the cold and clear stuff you get from your office’s bottled water coolers or the mains fed water cooler provides a wealth of benefits for your mind and body. First, and most obviously, it moisturises the skin. Forget paying out for fancy commercial moisturisers, as they only penetrate the uppermost layers of the skin and temporarily hold in moisture with a mix of water and oils. The constantly-regenerating layers of new skin underneath need water to work effectively, keeping you cool, cleansing your system and giving you the radiant glow of good health! Second, water lubricates your joints, so that you move freely and without pain. Drinking water keeps away myriad low-level niggles such as tension headaches and fatigue, and you will instantly look more youthful if you are in good health, moving fluidly and smiling! As another benefit, water keeps your eyes sparkling and fresh – and if you work in a hot or air-conditioned office, you should take steps to drink at least eight glasses of fresh water throughout the day, rather than build up a reliance on commercial drops for dry eyes. Water and good eye health are interlinked, and it is also worth taking regular breaks from your PC monitor and walking around to exercise your eyes and look at fresh stimulus too. Water has a huge range of benefits. It will nourish both your mind and body – which is no surprise really when you consider that the human body is nearly 70% water anyway. Bearing that fact in mind alone will help you stay focused on just how important it is to drink sufficient amounts of water!

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