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  • The Benefits and Need for Water Dispensers in Meeting Rooms

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    The Benefits and Need for Water Dispensers in Meeting Rooms

    As a hotel or meeting venue, you will find that you have large numbers of guests and delegates passing through your doors on any given day. As part of the package, you may include an air conditioned room, pads of paper, pens and refreshments. You could add to this extensive list water coolers and boilers, but why?

    The heat of the meeting People gather for all kinds of reasons, from heated debates at annual general meetings, to day long training courses and so on. People are active, walking, talking, debating, socialising, networking – call it what you will, but there is a lot involved in both organising and attending such events. There is an expectation that you, as the room provider and so on, will provide refreshments and here in the UK, there is an increasing expectation that there will be clean and cooled drinking water on hand.

    Reach for the tap? Some hotels offer meeting venues that have their own small kitchen space for delegates to make their own drinks, serve food and so on. Tap water in the UK is ‘safe to drink’, in the sense that there are no nasty bugs that can gives us unpleasant and dangerous illnesses. But there are a plethora of chemicals – some to help us, but others just seem to be in there, without any explanation – and this can affect the taste and smell of the water. Not everyone therefore is keen on tap water and thus, they can often be seen looking around for the water dispenser. If you do not have one, you may be doing your venue a disservice. So, a water dispenser can do many things for your meeting venue:

    • Offer clean and safe water – contracts for water dispensers include fresh water supplies if the dispenser is fed from a reservoir or some can be fixed, plumbed in with a continuous source of water.
    • Cooled water – water at room temperature can taste different to water that is cooled. Many people look for cooled, rather than icy cold water, simply because it is more refreshing to the palate too.
    • Much needed water – more people are realising the benefits of staying topped up and hydrated through the day. It is a way of keeping the body energised, as well as the brain alert and focused. Thus, many people will carry a small bottle of water with them during the day and they could refill this bottle at your water dispenser.
    Standalone or portable

    You may have many meeting venues and they may not all be in use at the same time, therefore it may be too expensive to have a unit in each venue. There are solutions with a package suitable for every customer:

    • Counter top or portable dispensers – some hotel and meeting venues do opt for portable dispensers that can be moved from one venue to another, quickly, easily and with minimum fuss. All you need is a connection to the mains and the water dispenser will offer a room temperature option and a cooled option in some cases.
    • Fixed, mains fed – some venues opt for mains fed dispensers that can be sited in convenient places in and around the venue. This could be in the meeting room themselves or, as some hotels opt for, in a larger gathering area, such as the foyer or reception space.
    Hot water too!

    Of course, the usual tea and coffee refreshments are also served by hotels and other meeting venues. This is sometimes a service that you provide but many people also opt for the self-serve; this means they can break for refreshments whenever they want.

    However, if you have half a dozen people all clambering for boiling water from a kettle, you could be waiting some time before the piping hot tea or coffee makes it way to you.

    The kettle is not really meant for large scale use and thus, the water boiler is the perfect option. Offering a continuous supply of hot water, there is no waiting for it to boil in order to fill a tea cup or coffee pots for the delegates. And again, because the water is filtered and kept at the right temperature, it tastes good too.

    See our range of boilers.

    Water, at the push of a button

    Cold or hot, every hotel and meeting venue needs a clean, reliable source of water and our dispensers and boilers offer exactly that. No waiting, no funny chemical taste – just clean, nice-tasting water every time.