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  • The benefits of having a water cooler in your business

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    The benefits of having a water cooler in your business

    Providing your business with a water cooler not only shows that you look after your customers, but ensures you look after your staff too. Keeping your staff hydrated can boost motivation, keeps staff feeling alert and will improve the quality of work being produced. Low hydration leaves can lead to dehydration and a number of underlying health problems that you may not necessarily associate with not drinking enough water. Many staff can feel drowsy and tired at work, drinking plenty of water during the day can help to solve these problems and ensure higher levels of concentration. Many employees can avoid reaching for a drink during work hours if there are no facilities provided, resulting in having to take time out to buy a drink. A water cooler ensures that employees do not need to take extra time out of work to go and buy a drink. Installing a water cooler will mean there is fresh drinking water available to all staff throughout the working day as it can be left on continuously. A water cooler would automatically encourage staff to drink more if it is located in a clearly visible, busy space. Water coolers come in different packages and sizes to suit your budget, staff numbers and office space. If you aren’t sure that a water cooler would be effective in your working environment and you are hesitant as to whether it will be regularly used, some companies will allow you to trial a water cooler for a certain period before committing to any payments. This will help you decide whether to invest in a water cooler package. However, it’s not just your staff that will benefit from having a water cooler in the office; it also helps to make a great impression on visitors and customers. Creating a reception area that makes a visitor feel comfortable and catered for will make a great impression on them as soon as they walk in. A water cooler will supply them with access to fresh water without having to feel uncomfortable by asking. If it is space that concerns you, a wide variety of water coolers are now available on the market. Not just the traditional tank water cooler anymore, water coolers are now available in a range of different sizes to suit your office requirements. By making sure that you choose a package that is easily changeable you can ensure that n swapping your water cooler package is hassle free if you find that it’s not working out for you. It is best to make sure you give your water cooler company as many details as possible regarding your office size, staff numbers and budget. Many companies will be flexible enough to offer you a package that suits your needs.