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  • The Benefits of Installing Mains Fed Water Coolers

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    The Benefits of Installing Mains Fed Water Coolers

    While a bottled water cooler can be just as effective as a mains fed water cooler, there are several benefits to a mains fed water cooler that may help you decide which is most suitable for you. Installing a mains fed water cooler means you don’t have to worry about deliveries, lifting bottles onto the cooler, moving the bottles to store them away, or think about using up the bottle before discarding it. Mains fed units work by using the water from your main supply and filtering it into pure fresh drinking water, which is completely safe. Depending on your settings you can get instant chilled or ice cold water- something that you are not guaranteed from drinking from a tap. A water cooler is a more professional solution for your business; it gives off the right impression to employees and visitors. Many people would feel more comfortable drinking from a water cooler than drinking straight from the kitchen tap. Some companies offer mains fed coolers for as little as £6 per week and reliable companies offer the cooler at a pay as you go package, which means you only pay for what you use and when you use it. This can be particularly useful to businesses who are unsure how successful the water cooler will be and how often it will be used. If you have limited office space, you may be concerned as to how much room a water cooler would take up. Selected companies do offer under the sink coolers that are a lot less bulky than bottle and mains fed coolers. These are suitable for home owners and businesses; it can be installed as a traditional sink system or under the counter with a separate dispenser tap. Chiller units are also an optional extra, depending on how cold you want your water to be. Counter top coolers are also very useful if you have little space to give up, they are obvious to guests and are small, compact and look stylish on a counter top. They aren’t bulky and still provide you with chilled water instantly. Their compact size doesn’t mean that you compromise on quality or usability as they work the same as larger water coolers.