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  • The Best Types of Tea

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    The Best Types of Tea

    If you're encouraging your staff to make the most of new water coolers or a hot water dispenser, why not launch a team initiative to get everyone interested in health and general well-being? Water is a hugely important element in our overall health. The life-giving liquid helps to detox the system, lubricate the joints, clean out the gut, remove waste and regulate core body temperature. It is, therefore, essential that people drink a good amount each day. Approximately 1.5 litres, or eight pint glasses, ought to be sufficient. People who work in physical jobs or those who are exposed to the heat all day might require more water than the recommended average. Tea is a great way to take in water for those who don't enjoy cold drinks. However, it needs to be the right kind of tea. Black tea and coffee both contain caffeine and should only be enjoyed in limited quantities. They are also heavy in tannin, which is a type of molecule that stains the teeth and is often taken with sugar, which again is damaging to the body and provides no nutritional value. Herbal teas, on the other hand, are healthy. Green and white tea are made from the same tea leaves as black tea, but they are packed with anti-oxidants and can naturally speed up the metabolism. They are also thought to provide numerous other protective benefits, such as the ability to protect against plaque acid on the teeth! African Rooibos tea is also full of micro-nutrients, powerful flavonoids and anti-oxidants, which help the human body protect itself. Chamomile is calming, mint tea is digestive friendly and there are hundreds of formulations to seek out and enjoy!

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