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  • The health benefits of installing a water cooler

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    The health benefits of installing a water cooler

    Installing a water cooler into your office environment can have a multitude of advantages, which can benefit you and both your staff and visitors. Many employees do not perform to their best at work because they are unmotivated, lethargic and drained; all are symptoms of dehydration. Those who provide water coolers in offices for employees are investing in their health, and promoting health and fitness – ultimately this will mean higher productivity, and morale for their business. Most of us are aware that health experts recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water a day, which is a tall order unless a ready supply is provided at work. This recommendation is given for the health of the Nation and should be observed and followed when providing a water cooler at work encourages employees to do just that. Without access to fresh water from a water cooler, employees are much more likely to fill up on drinks such as caffeine and carbonated drinks high in sugar content. While caffeine and sugar does provide a burst of energy, employees need to drink more to maintain that burst, which can have a negative effect in the long run. Add to this factor the reality of the sedentary office environment and you are ensuring steady weight gain of employees, which will lead to health problems. Those in the Western world may overlook the health benefits and necessity of a water cooler as we take it for granted – but it is essential for sufficient hydration, overall good health, energy and brainpower. Approximately two-thirds of human body weight is water and the brain itself is over 80% water, which should further highlight its importance. In other words, the more water a person drinks, the more alert their brain is and more energetic their bodies are. A sufficient consumption of water can also aid digestion, which improves metabolism. Skin texture becomes less dull and more vibrant looking while joint aches and pains are reduced. Water also flushes away many toxins in the body, making it nature's ultimate drink. Having clean fresh water continently available means that employees are naturally going to drink more water, and any employer who cares about his employees should hope for this. Instead of sitting at their desks, employees are likely to bring their refillable bottles and cups to the water cooler – which will incorporate a little exercise into their working day. They are also less likely to eat snacks, as people often eat when their hunger would have been quenched by thirst. Ultimately, installing a water cooler will keep your employees healthy, demonstrating there is a clear domino effect throughout your business - a healthier employee leads to lower health care costs and lower absences, which in turn means much higher productivity, more creative energy and a better financial bottom line for your company. A water cooler makes smart financial sense for your business and your employees.