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  • The Importance of Hydration

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    The Importance of Hydration

    Most people know that it's important to keep hydrated, but do they know why? The effects of dehydration are actually so common that the majority of people put the symptoms down to a general feeling of being off their game or a little under the weather, but very often headaches, tiredness, constipation, aching joints and other problems are caused by prolonged dehydration. Fortunately, these symptoms can quickly improve with adequate consumption of water. The amount you need to drink increases with activity, so people who are physically active on a regular basis will need to drink more to stay on top form. To make it easy on yourself, fill up a jug or bottle from your office mains-fed water cooler, or bottled water coolers and sip on them throughout the day. If you prefer hot drinks, avoid caffeine and enjoy plenty of herbal teas, green tea, fruit teas and infusions, which offer extra health benefits and delicious new flavours with which you can experiment. If you're out and about, remember to take a bottle with you and keep it cool with some ice cubes or by storing it in the fridge for a short time beforehand. You could even make a fruit juice mix with fresh water and freeze it for a taste of your childhood! Whatever your preferred flavour, just get into the water habit and take sips throughout the day. You'll start to know when you are drinking enough; you'll feel energised and on top form, your skin will glow and if you work at a PC screen, you'll probably find that dry eyes and mild headaches start to clear up. Digestive problems should also improve and constipation ought to clear (unless dehydration is not the cause). Generally speaking, with increased water intake, you'll feel as though you're benefiting from head to toe.

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