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  • The Importance of Water Coolers for the Hospitality Industry

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    The Importance of Water Coolers for the Hospitality Industry

    The hospitality industry is all about customer experience. From the moment they arrive, to the moment they leave, everything you and your staff do is about creating an experience. And your customers expect this. They have an expectation that you will meet their every need, and do so with a flourish. As a result, you look at everything you can possibly do to make their stay or visit with you as comfortable and as successful as you can. There are many options and ways of accomplishing this, and one string to your bow is the provision of clean, cool drinking water.

    Quality must not be compromised

    More and more people are realising the benefits of drinking water and, as such, people tend to carry water with them through the day, to top and replenish their hydration levels. Whether they are staying with you for a course of days, or using the facilities for a business meeting, or dining with you, the provision of clean water is essential.

    The expectation of many people is that they will have the best of everything when they visit your establishment; in fact, this is the very definition of hospitality, the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors or strangers.

    Hygiene and cleanliness

    There are many issues that impact on the running of any restaurant, pub and hotel, none more so than hygiene. If things are not clean to the highest standard it impinges on your business in all kinds of ways but two that can affect you most:

    • Your reputation – you work hard to build a reputation amongst your clientele that shows you ooze sophistication and elegance, as well as value for money. There are cases, however, that are well documented and highlighted in the media where people have become ill after visiting or staying an establishment.

    Poor hygiene can impact on the food, causing cross contamination that makes people ill, but there are times when water-borne germs can do something similar. Bacterial infections can result from poor quality water and, although they may not be on the same scale of risk as those seen in other situations, clearly a bout of diarrhoea after drinking poor quality water is not welcome. Traced back to your business, and the results can be catastrophic.

    Investing in water coolers ensures you are investing in equipment, and water, which delivers the best time and time again.

    • Hygiene standards – there are all kinds of standards of service that you must uphold, including food hygiene standards. Clearly, using water that has chemicals and possibly bacteria in it, is not good.

    The equipment itself needs looking after though and thus, you need to ensure that the company with whom you have a contract does a service, cleans and replaces parts and accessories in the coolers and boilers as and when they are needed.

    Look for a company, like Angel Springs, who are held in high regard with the British Water Cooler Association (BWCA), the governing body of the water cooler industry.

    Hot water too

    People have expectations when it comes to their hot drinks too. Some of the more delicately flavoured and specialist tea needs far finer handling than the everyday cuppa we enjoy.

    The taste, and temperature of the water used to steep the tea, contributes to its flavour. Boiling water is not always the best temperature for tea or coffee making; the water should be boiled and then allowed to cool a degree or two – and then used to ignite the flavours in the leaves or the beans.

    When water is heated in a water boiler, the process is a little gentler and the taste of the water is better, or so we think. Water boilers, with their ready supply of hot, steaming water is far more efficient and less time consuming than flicking the kettle on… and waiting.

    Clearly, when you have heavy demand – whether that is hot water to cook with or hot water for refreshments – waiting for several kettles to boil is simply not an option. Who has the space to line up kettles on a work top?

    Water boilers, clean, small, compact and efficient, are a brilliant addition to the bar, the kitchen or the café area of any hospitality establishment.

    Both water coolers and boilers for any hotel, restaurant or bar, with small to large demands on water will find them an invaluable and much-needed asset. With competitively priced packages, it won’t cost as much as you think.

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