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  • The Miracle Beauty Ingredient: Water

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    The Miracle Beauty Ingredient: Water

    If you're spending huge sums of money on expensive beauty products and detox supplements to look and feel your best, know this: the most valuable ingredient in your quest for well-being can be obtained for free from your office's bottled water cooler. Yes – fresh, chilled water in its plainest form is a miracle beauty ingredient. When you buy beauty products, these are essentially a blend of water and oil, along with other topical treatments and nourishing agents. The main point of a moisturiser, for example, is to add water to your skin – water is the key ingredient. The oil is there to help keep the water locked into your skin's outer layers, rather than have it evaporate away. But you can enjoy the effects of youthful, glowing skin simply by drinking more water and hydrating yourself from within. After all, no amount of beauty products will compensate for the complexion-corrupting effects of dehydration. Think about a fresh peach. When it's ripe, it's full of water and looks plump and juicy. As the water evaporates, it loses its lustre, shape and firmness. Something similar happens to human skin, but by drinking eight glasses of cold, fresh water from the bottled water cooler at work, you can help your skin stay looking moisturised and nourished from within. Another trick that your grandmother might have used is to splash plenty of warm water over your skin after washing to tone and moisturise, before adding a light facial oil or barrier cream to keep it stored within your epidermis. Spraying your face with a water atomiser is another great way to keep it looking fresh and wrinkle-free. Remember too that fruit and vegetables are naturally packed with water, along with plenty of vitamin and minerals. And if you combine your new water regime with general improvements in health, you’ll reap the benefits even more quickly. Stamp out cigarettes, go easy on the alcohol and avoid excessive exposure to the sun, and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier, younger-looking complexion.