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  • The Right Drinks for Improving Well-Being

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    The Right Drinks for Improving Well-Being

    For many members of staff, the morning coffee trip is a ritual that they simply cannot do without. Too much caffeine, however, can have a negative effect on health and wallets alike! Expensive coffees are often high in sugar, so waistlines can suffer if too many takeaway drinks are enjoyed. A far more sensible way to keep staff refreshed and healthy is to install bottled water coolers or an eco boiler in the office. Regular water intake should also be encouraged by bosses. Official guidelines suggest that eight glasses a day are ideal for maintaining hydration, although staff working in physical jobs, or in hot conditions, will need more. Rather than risking the many negative health effects that can be caused by hot drinks containing high levels of sugar and caffeine, herbal teas or hot water with lemon and ginger should be promoted as healthier alternatives. These cleaner, purer drinks can help to detox, cleanse and reinforce the body's natural defences. Similarly, cold drinks are often packed with additives and sugars – even ones that are supposedly healthy or designed for sports endurance. People should check for hidden sugars in the ingredients – anything along the lines of dextrose, glucose, corn starch or similar is simply sugar. Why pay out for additives when fresh, healthy drinks are readily available? Bottled water coolers are ideal for providing a regular supply of fresh water. Jugs can be provided for staff to fill at meetings and incentives such as lemon slices and ice cubes could make the resulting drink even more refreshing. This can be a great scheme for getting staff interested in healthy eating and well-being in general, especially if it is incorporated into a staff incentive drive or 'healthy office' campaign. Drinking more water often leads to other healthy changes, such as a reduced consumption of snack foods, so the benefits can really rub off and lead to greater effects all staff members.

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