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  • The Virtues of an Autumn Detox

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    The Virtues of an Autumn Detox

    If you are starting an autumn detox, you may be feeling a little apprehensive about what this involves, but there is really no need to worry. Basically, a detox is a way to cleanse your body and revitalise it, often kick-starting a new phase of healthy eating and living. There are many fancy detox diets and supplements on the market, but really your body just craves water and nutrition. Many people fail to drink enough water and the symptoms are often associated with other conditions. If you suffer from tension headaches, sore limbs, poor digestion, blocked pores or skin conditions such as eczema, it is well worth upping your intake of water and seeing if it makes a positive impact on your health and appearance. By simply increasing your water consumption, for example by filling up a large jug from your office mains fed water coolers each day, you may also find yourself dropping a few pounds! This is because people often eat automatically when their bodies are actually thirsty. Thus, by drinking more, you should naturally curb your appetite and your taste buds will also start to really 'taste' food again as the detoxing effect kicks in. Bear this in mind next time you are looking at the mains fed water coolers in your office; a big jug of cold water with either some ice cubes, mint leaves, lemon slices or sugar-free cordial could really make a difference to your health, appearance and general well-being! It is very likely that you will start to feel more energetic too and drinking more water usually has a knock-on effect in kick-starting other healthy habits. Remember that hot drinks can be healthy as well as cold and they count towards your daily water intake. Try drinking healthy herbal and fruit teas that do not contain caffeine or sugar.

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