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  • Think Like a Plant and Drink More Water!

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    Think Like a Plant and Drink More Water!

    It is quite interesting that, as a green-fingered nation, most of us are pretty good at keeping on top of watering our gardens and plants – and yet often fail to see the importance of regularly ‘watering’ ourselves. Of course, we don’t mean parking your deck chair next to the garden sprinkler, but keeping on top of your water intake. Water is vital to our day to day lives – after all we’re made of around 70% of the stuff! Drinking water is said to help keep our skin looking young, help keep our joints ‘well-oiled’ and help avoid things such as tension headaches. It is safe to say, therefore, that there are plenty of reasons to keep drinking plenty of water. Now, while it is quite easy to water your plants, a shower doesn’t have quite the same effect on us –we need to look at other ways to ‘water’ ourselves effectively. In the workplace, this may simply involve making sure you take regular water breaks by nipping to the office water cooler and topping up your glass whenever it is empty. Of course, there are other ways we can help keep our bodies well-watered too. Eating plenty of fruit and veg is one such method. This is handy for keeping on top of your weight too, as you can substitute snacks for things such as apples or even pieces of sliced carrot and such forth. If you drink water when you have the sensation of being hungry, you will often find the hunger subsides too – this is because that hunger pang is actually often your body telling you to drink more water. Alternatively, you could look to healthy soups, broths and stocks as healthy sources of water – best of all, on a cold winter’s morning, it will give you that added boost you need to get through the day!

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