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  • Tips for Drinking More Water

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    Tips for Drinking More Water

    If you know you need to be drinking more water but aren't sure where to start, consider the following ideas. Sometimes the prospect of drinking two litres of water directly from bottled water coolers seems a little much. Of course, you need to drink your water in stages throughout the day. And downing too much at once will make you feel bloated and uncomfortable and your body will simply expel the excess. You need to regularly drink small amounts of water throughout the day. So, make life easy for yourself and add some appetising extras to put some pizazz in your water. In the morning, start the day with some hot water, a squeeze of fresh lemon and a little honey to sweeten. The lemon acts as a powerful detoxifier and the warm water will kick your digestive system into action for the day ahead. For your mid-morning break, try a green tea that is packed with natural antioxidants and offers myriad benefits for your health. It speeds up your metabolism, provides valuable youth-supporting nutrients and also prevents plaque build-up on your teeth! Alternatively, head to the bottled water cooler and spice up your water with some mint, lemon or raspberries. Avoid sugary, additive-laden commercial drinks and try sugar-free cordials for something sweet. Alternatively, make your own drinks by blending up fruits and yoghurt or experimenting with fresh fruit juices. Apple, carrot and ginger is a great combination and very cleansing. The combination of watermelon and raspberry is a wonderful summer refresher. Increasing your consumption of fruits and vegetables will also have real benefits, as they are packed with water, nutrients and vitamins. So you can also eat your food as well as drink it! After a few days of increasing your hydration you should start to see and feel a real difference in your appearance and general health.

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