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  • Top 5 ways for businesses to create a welcome space for visitors

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    Top 5 ways for businesses to create a welcome space for visitors

    When you own a business you expect to make an impression on people, to greet visitors in a way they feel is not only hospitable but would make them feel at ease and want to visit again. There are five main ways identified here in which a business can create a welcome space for visitors: The first is the installation of water coolers into offices. These are a good welcoming tool for many reasons. Firstly, they can be offered upon arrival if you are required to wait. Water can greatly affect the mood, not only will the person be grateful for the kind way in which it was offered but their circumstances, for example walking to the premises in the heat, may have required them to have a cool drink of water and affect their mood. Secondly, water coolers are viable for the business itself as it costs less and the installation is relatively easy. To create a good first impression comfortable office seating is also important. The seating should be soft and comfortable. When a business plans its office design it is important to map out where this seating will go and how it should stand out. The colours or comfort can reflect the nature of your business. Make sure there are enough seats and that the seats are not stained or broken in any way, as this may give the impression of neglect. Reception seating areas, combined with water coolers both give good levels of comfort for any visitor and they will appreciated that kind of welcome and relaxing atmosphere, giving them a good feeling about your business. The reception area also needs to be neat. For example, if there is a desk full of clutter, the visitor is going to think that your business is not particularly well organised. A clean and presentable area gives the impression that the business is a well organised and a well run company. It may be important to invest in filing cabinets. These can also show the amount of business you have acquired and can be impressive to the visitor and give them the impression that this is a successful business. Space is always a good thing for a business welcoming a visitor. Space needs to be considered in terms of what the visitor has to do, is there paperwork they need to fill in? Do they need to read anything? It is always best to keep some sort of company brochure or leaflet explaining what you do and your successes and place it on a table near to where the person is seated. Clipboards or writing space, such as tables, will be needed if forms need to be filled in. A general friendly environment also helps. The receptionist at the desk should greet with a hello and greet them in a friendly way. When the person they are meeting comes to greet them a hand shake would give the impression of friendliness and even a meet and greet of employees would show the general character and atmosphere of that workplace. By creating a welcome space for visitors the business can give the impression that they are organised, adaptable to the visitors needs, friendly, and make the visitor feel comfortable. This atmosphere has advantages in that it gives a good impression and the visitor may recommend the business elsewhere or continue to visit and do business with the company. That is why first impressions are always important in terms of being a welcoming business.