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  • Top 5 ways to keep employees energised and efficient in the workplace

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    Top 5 ways to keep employees energised and efficient in the workplace

    With the majority of our time spent at work, the right office environment is essential for efficiency and a positive attitude of workers. There are steps managers and business owners can take to ensure employees stay energised and efficient.

    1. Give regular breaks It might seem as though allowing workers to take breaks won’t aid productivity, but with sedentary jobs it is vital for workers to move about, so allow them breaks, the chance to go and make a drink or grab a bite to eat, and they will be more energised and re-focused when they return to their desks, than if they are tied to them for many hours at a time. It is demeaning to have to ask a manager to make a toilet break or get a drink so give flexibility with this. Employees often put into a company what they receive, so if you are flexible with them taking short breaks to stretch their legs and get a refreshment, it is likely they won’t take advantage and will work even harder when they do sit down to concentrate.

    2. Provide refreshment With the government advising that we drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, it is vital to provide a water cooler in the work place to enable staff to incorporate this advice into their working day. Those who are refreshed and energised by a cool drink of water have been proven to work harder and think clearer, so make this possible and convenient for your staff and have a water cooler handy.

    3. A good attitude A positive working attitude is key to a good work environment, and bosses must follow by example with this and be friendly and approachable. Tips for a good relationship with staff is to allow them to chat among themselves within reason, and have a radio on if they find deadly silence stifling.

    4. Weekly meetings It’s a good idea to hold weekly one on one meeting with staff if possible, where they can speak with you about any problems, and suggest ways they can think of to improve their time efficiency. There may be ways in which you can support them or offer training to get the most out of your employees so be sure to listen to their suggestions. These staff meetings can be vital to communication and employees will put aside things they need to discuss until this scheduled appointment

    5. Healthy eating If you run a large scale organisation with a catering kitchen, then be sure that they offer healthy alternatives and fresh fruit. Keeping employees fit and a healthy weight will mean they are more energised and happier in themselves, so keep in mind the nutrition you offer them at work, as this is an opportunity you have to make a difference to their health on a daily basis. Most people state that the major barrier they face to healthy eating is that it’s not convenient so help employees to overcome this obstacle and take the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle.