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  • Top Drinks for a Hot Summer's Day

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    Top Drinks for a Hot Summer's Day

    If your office lacks energy on hot summer afternoons, it could be that you need to add some hydration to the mix! Whether taken from the office water coolers or bought in via bottles, water is the key ingredient for health and energy - and in warm weather, our need for water rockets! For those who love cold drinks, why not experiment in the kitchen with some exotic blends? Forget sugary concoctions which are full of additives and play havoc with blood sugar levels. You don't need commercial drinks either – you can simply make your own! Try juicing up a range of fruits and vegetables for a healthy and nutritious drink. Good options for juicing include apple, cucumber, melon, berries, orange, grapefruit, spinach leaves, wheatgrass and pomegranate. Have fun with different flavours – try starting with the classic apple, ginger and carrot for a wonderfully refreshing blend that is packed with vitamin A, pectin, soluble fibre, vitamin C and beta-carotene. And for those who prefer hot drinks, the water boiler is the place to start. Forget caffeine-laced takeaway drinks which will help you to lose pounds (of the financial variety) while putting on pounds in weight! Instead experiment with fruit and herbal tea blends like oolong and fennel. Barley cup and other chicory-based tea blends are good coffee alternatives and real hot chocolate made with ground cacao and a pinch of chilli is packed with flavour and beneficial health compounds. Try making hot chocolate the Spanish way with boiling water and a pinch of sweetener for a very rich, powerful drink – or use milk, soya or nut milk alternatives and mix with chocolate whilst heating for a luxurious and flavoursome drink with plenty of calcium.

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