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  • Top Tips for Encouraging Children to Drink More Water

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    Top Tips for Encouraging Children to Drink More Water

    As adults, we understand the need to drink a regular amount of water each day. But for children, this is not really a concern. When it comes to water, kids will only usually think of splashing around in a bath, filling water balloons, shooting water pistols or swimming. It’s down to parents to try and devise cunning ways to encourage children to drink more water. There are some ways in which you can do it though. For example, if your child has a particular attachment to a cup, this can be converted into their ‘water’ cup. Surprisingly, many people simply advise making water more easily accessible. It’s an easy enough tactic and one that can work well. Obviously for children reaching up to sinks or the fridge in order to grab a glass or bottle of water is not always easy. But by actually encouraging them to drink more water by leaving their favourite cups within easy reaching distance, you really can help. Silly straws are always a good way of getting kids drinking good old H2O. Lots of children also enjoy drinking ice water – so to further encourage them, why not look at ice trays featuring kid friendly shapes that they’ll really love in their drinks. Finally, if you want to encourage children to drink more water, it’s in your best interests to drink plenty yourself! If your child sees you regularly chugging down cool refreshing water, then they’re more likely to want to do the same. Remember that water comes in many forms, so you can always replace drinking water directly with things such as soup and fruit – or even a fruit smoothie.