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  • It’s No Trick – Water is a Treat for Your Body

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    It’s No Trick – Water is a Treat for Your Body

    It’s nearly time for kids across the world to cry ‘trick or treat!’ in exchange for sugary treats – or a nasty surprise for the homeowner if their request is refused! But while their baskets are sure to be stuffed with chocolates, lollipops and other sweet goodies, it’s unlikely many kids have water on their Halloween menu. Perhaps they should, though. After all, there are so many health benefits associated with water, it’s much more of a treat than any chocolate bar, in the long run. Drinking plenty of water keeps you hydrated throughout the day. Many people often neglect to keep on top of their hydration, and the side effects can be dry skin, headaches and a general sluggish feeling. Drinking water can often help ‘gear your body up’ to prevent such things. Drinking a healthy amount of water is a great way to help keep the kidneys filtered too – what’s more, it can even help avoid constipation and that can only ever be a good thing! Amongst its other ‘miracle’ natural properties, water can also help people lose weight. Now while that doesn’t mean drinking four cups of water is a quick and easy way to losing those excess pounds, it can realistically aid weight loss as part of a balanced diet. For example, we often have a feeling of being hungry, but in truth this is often a sign that we need to drink more water. So swap out snacks for a cool drink of water. Over time this can potentially help cut your weight down. Of course it will be dependent on how many treats you nibble on after helping the kids do their trick or treating, but a sensible approach to diet and water consumption will certainly help. Water then is definitely a treat for your body – and that’s no trick.