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  • Trying to Get Fit and Healthy? Don’t Forget to Drink Plenty of Water

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    Trying to Get Fit and Healthy? Don’t Forget to Drink Plenty of Water

    If you are into your sports then you really should consider the advantages of drinking water, if you haven’t done so already. Whilst sports drinks may have flashy adverts and celebrity endorsements, refreshing natural water doesn’t tend to hog the limelight in regards to its advantages to active types. This should be quite obvious when you think about it – humans are, after all, predominantly made up of water. Your brain is 90% water; your muscles 70% water and your blood almost completely water. Then there are many other parts of the body that almost all consist mostly of water – so, without drinking enough of it, you will not be able to think as clearly, and your heart will have to work harder to do its job. If you don’t keep yourself hydrated during exercise, you will also potentially risk dizziness and fatigue, amongst other things. How does water keep you hydrated during exercise then? Well, not only does it help act as a natural lubricant for joints and your muscles, but it also helps carry oxygen and glucose around the body. It also provides your muscles with the oxygen needed to keep them going strong however, and helps regulate your body temperature. How much water should you drink then? Well this will depend on the individual, and the activity you are participating in. According to the Department of Health, we should drink around eight 150ml glasses of water each day, or six 200ml glasses. It’s important to drink more during exercise too. Of course, the amount of extra water you drink will be different depending on your size, activity level and other factors, so it is well worth speaking to a nutritionist or trainer to see what works best for you.

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