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  • UK’s Leading Water Cooler Supplier Continues to Service England, Scotland and Wales

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    UK’s Leading Water Cooler Supplier Continues to Service England, Scotland and Wales

    245,000 miles of road network stretches out across the United Kingdom. Touching every major city, town and village, the need for a reliable and robust network infrastructure is essential for people and business. Without these thousands of miles of tarmac, necessary supplies would not reach customers – and that includes chilled water for the 60,000+ of our water coolers that are spread across the country! Bottle fed coolers would run dry; workforces would become thirsty and this has a significant impact on the person and business. Thankfully, this is unlikely to happen with Angel Spring’s extensive network of suppliers and deliveries across the 243,610km² that is the United Kingdom. With extensive networks covering England, Scotland and Wales, there is nowhere that we cannot reach. Click here to learn more about all of our UK locations.

    The importance of hydration

    Every work day is busy. From the moment you step into work, to the moment you leave, there is always something to be done.

    Not every day goes according to plan either and thus, days can be stressful and long. But rewarding.

    To be able to enjoy work and remain focused and sharp, you need to a) love your job and b) stay hydrated. This is why we offer a nationwide service for water cooler installation and supplies. From the busy streets of the capital to Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, North Wales, the Midlands, Cardiff, the South East… the list in long!

    The way it works

    If you think that cooled water is something your workforce needs, all you need to do is log on to our map and locate the nearest depot to you (there will be one). Your water will then be part of the main delivery to this hub and when you need refilled bottles for your bottle-fed water cooler, it arrives quickly with no fuss.

    Decreasing environmental impact

    We like the ‘no-fuss’ approach. It makes life and business so much simpler. You know that you are getting the best equipment that will be serviced and cleaned, and that water refills will arrive when you need them.

    We understand, however that people don’t necessarily want this to happen at the expense of the environment.

    Transport has an impact on the environment, some modes more than other. Experts suggest that there are still thousands of unnecessary journeys made each year in the UK. The early morning commute is littered with cars, all with just one person – imagine if we all clubbed together and made journeys together? How much less would our carbon footprints be?

    And it is this carbon footprint that we want to keep an eye on. We don’t want it to be any bigger than what it needs to be and this is why we operate and manage our delivery network as we do.

    This is how it works:

    We constantly re-supply and re-stock our larger depots based at 16 locations across Scotland, England and Wales. This network will continue to grow.

    From these central depots and service centres, we ensure that our thousands of customers are never without chilled drinking water. No water cooler runs dry at Angel Springs.

    Sustainable water supply

    We understand our customer’s concerns about the environmental impact of excessive travel on the environment – it affects us too, which is why we operate our delivery network as we do. We are constantly monitoring our performance and look to streamline our operations as much as possible, to minimise any adverse effects on the local environment.

    Sustainability is another key term when it comes to water supply. There are all kinds of pressures on the world’s natural resources and many customers, we know, were concerned about the use of plastic.

    Waste is an environmental impact that is gargantuan and again, as a company that is incredibly aware of how our actions can impact, we ensure that waste is at a minimum too. Plastic water bottles are robust and can withstand several cycles of sterilisation, re-fill and so on.

    Every year, we supply our customers with 40 million litres sustainable and locally sourced water each year – and this will carry on growing as we welcome over 1,000 new clients every month.

    Water is the elixir of life, and it is not just Angel Springs that think this. Stay hydrated and stay focused and sharp every day.

    Water coolers & hot water dispensers distributed throughout England, Scotland and Wales.