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  • Versatile and Functional but is a Plumbed-in Water Cooler Too Fiddly?

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    Versatile and Functional but is a Plumbed-in Water Cooler Too Fiddly?

    We’ve heard a lot of customers say, I would love a plumbed-in water cooler but, you know, the plumbing, the extra expense, so we stick with the bottle-fed ones… There is, of course, nothing wrong with a bottle-fed water cooler. They are functional and stylish. They have the capacity to dispense many cups of cold water and hot water every hour. They are an accepted and welcome piece of equipment in workplaces across the country. And then there are workplaces that enjoy the same function, style and endless capacity of a plumbed water dispenser. One is not better than the other, but some customers prefer plumbed in water coolers.

    An Extra Step

    It may be that what puts you off a plumbed water dispenser is the plumbing in part. You probably think that this means finding a local plumber who can attend on a specified day at a certain time to meet with the delivery of the equipment so that it can all be up and working within an hour or two.

    We all know how difficult it can be to get hold of a plumber, even when it is an emergency, like the boiler being on the blink on the coldest day of the year.

    But let us lay your minds to rest because as you would expect from Waterlogic, we have thought of everything…

    #1 We supply the plumber

    And not just someone masquerading as a plumber! We have our own plumbing engineers in-house who specialise in setting up and plumbing in mains-fed water dispensers.

    There is no need to trawl the web or ask friends for recommendations on your favourite social media site because we have the right people with the right qualifications.

    #2 Before we install…

    Our team will make sure that a plumbed water dispenser is the right solution for your workplace, school college, nursing home, care home, hotel, restaurant, pub etc. They do this in many ways but a key factor is checking the water supply.

    The clue is in the name - mains fed water dispenser – but surprisingly, not all workplaces are fed directly from the mains and unless you went looking for it, you might not know you had a holding tank high above your heads on the roof or in the roof space.

    These holding tanks are large vats of water that draws from the main and then stores it ready for when someone in the building turns on the tap, flushes the toilet and so on. These tanks are common in older buildings, especially those that were designed for multiple occupancy.

    They were a means of the building being able to supply water at a good pressure, no matter how many taps were turned on at the same time. The system was ready to spring into action when needed.

    Unfortunately, they don’t work well with a mains-fed water dispenser as the pressure is insufficient and there may also be concerns about filters in the water dispenser being unable to deal sufficiently with all water-borne bacteria etc. This does not mean that water from a holding tank is not fit to drink – ask your maintenance department what their sanitising and cleaning regime is for the holding tank.

    #3 Everything in working order from start to finish

    We do everything – we survey the water supply, we help you choose the right water dispenser model and there are a few – just take a look!

    You can opt for a countertop model like the futuristic looking WL4 complete with BioCote anti-bacterial coating or its floor standing counterpart. There are mains-fed water dispensers available in crisp white or stylish black. There are push button dispensers and taps to choose from, and there are hot, cold and ambient water combinations too.

    So many choices, how will you decide? But whichever model and package you choose, you have peace of mind that it the mains-fed water dispenser is capable of delivering large quantities of filtered, clean water in short periods of time.

    Just to re-cap: we organise our team to send a qualified plumber, we plumb it in and we leave you with a fully working mains fed water dispenser.

    Better still our after-care service is great too. Your water dispenser will need to be sanitised from time to time. This is because surfaces within the water dispenser can be the perfect breeding ground for some rather nasty bacteria.

    But cleaning is quick, simple and easy - and again, is completed by a trained engineer, working within the very stringent standards of the British Water Cooler Association.

    Nothing Complex

    And thus, there is nothing complicated about a plumbed-in or mains fed water cooler because we do it all for you!