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  • Warming up cold days with the right drinks

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    Warming up cold days with the right drinks

    When it's cold outside, many people crave the comfort of hot liquids and a warming mug to wrap their hands around. But all too often these drinks are filled with unnecessary calories, sugars and additives. It's all too easy to take in several hundred calories a day from drinks, especially if you are buying commercial and takeaway varieties. Hot chocolates come packed with sugar and are often topped with processed cream, flavoured coffees are filled with sweetened syrups and Irish-style coffees have a splash or two of alcohol to add to their allure – and calorie count! Another problem with most takeaway drinks is that they are full of caffeine, not to mention being unreasonably expensive. A quick way to shed the lbs but save the £s is to start using the water boiler in your office to make your own drinks. Whether you like coffee or tea, the office kitchen is all you need to stay hydrated and warm. Treat yourself to a lovely mug of your very own, and buy a good range of tea bags and coffees if you can't kick the habit. Try additions such as ginger, cinnamon and even cloves. If you love the taste of mulled wine, you can make a wonderfully hot, teetotal version with berry cordial. Try to find a low-sugar variety for extra health points and simply add hot water to serve. The water coolers are also a great source of hydration for when the weather is warmer and, again, you can experiment with different flavours and healthy additions to prevent your daytime drink routine from becoming dull. A fresh squeeze of lemon added to hot water, with a little ginger and honey is a great way to start the day. Some believe that this recipe helps to ward off colds, so it could be doubly useful at this time of year. Latest news from Waterlogic, leading UK supplier of office water dispensers, bottled and mains-fed water coolers and eco boilers.