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  • Water and Beauty: the Key to Glowing Good Looks!

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    Water and Beauty: the Key to Glowing Good Looks!

    Most people are aware of the fact that they should be drinking more water to maintain their health, but it's a lesser known fact that water also greatly promotes natural beauty. Yes, the simple H20 that you get from the office water coolers or your bottled water dispenser can actually offer more powerful benefits than all the expensive, high-end cosmetic products you could possibly buy! Why is that? Well, water hydrates from the inside and ensures that all of your body's organs are working well, removing waste materials and helping vitamins and nutrients to travel to their destinations. Water helps the human body sweat, which removes damaging toxins such as heavy metals and dirt. Sweat also naturally cleans skin and regulates body temperature. Cosmetic products, on the other hand, can only penetrate the very outer layers of the skin. Water in the human body, however, moisturises from within. In fact, if you've ever been seriously dehydrated, you may have noticed that your skin rapidly ages and looks dull and congested. This can also happen with mild dehydration over a relatively long period of time. By drinking more water from the local water cooler, you will start to see your skin naturally soften, your eyes soften, your nails and hair grow stronger and your skin look moisturised and smooth. Water will also lubricate your joints, helping you to move more freely, which is another positive indicator of health. For optimum results, drink around two litres of water a day if you work in a desk job and more if you work in a physical role or hot location. Always drink in stages and throughout the day, rather than gulping down your allocation all at once. Rapid overconsumption of water can result in serious health consequences.

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