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  • Water and Its Role in Beauty

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    Water and Its Role in Beauty

    Water is one of the most vital ingredients on the planet. It can also help you look and feel good. And the wonderful thing is that it's free (if you can ignore water rates, that is)! In fact, most of the expensive beauty products that you might feel tempted to buy are primarily made up of water, with a few extra ingredients thrown in. However, there are plenty of ways to make use of the beautifying effects of water without breaking the bank. First, drink up. Forget expensive sports drinks or recovery gels. The water coolers in the workplace can give you everything you need. Fill up a bottle and away you go! Keep sipping it throughout the day, and when you pass a bottled water dispenser on your travels, take a cup and enjoy a moment to drink. Enjoy the power of H20 when you wash or shower by making your cleansing routine an indulgence. Treat yourself to real essential oils to add to a bath, or try Epsom's salts for a detoxifying bath without the spa price tag! Try washing your face twice with a natural organic cleanser and by using a muslin cloth to wash the results away. This double-cleanse-and-exfoliate method is a beautician's trick and avoids the need to buy expensive products. Experiment too with your own beautifying formulations. Forget expensive glycolic peels. Lemon juice or a freshly crushed strawberry or tomato, wiped over the face and rinsed away after ten minutes, will reveal glowing skin. Why? Because fruits contain the natural forms of AHA acids, which you pay money to buy in beauty products from the shops. Try mixing a floral water spray with a few drops of natural almond oil for an evening toner, or distil lavender from your garden into spring water to make scented water. Herbal teas are also beautifying and many fruit and herb blends are delicious. Latest news from Waterlogic, leading UK supplier of office water dispensers, bottled and mains-fed water coolers and eco boilers.