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  • Water and Sport

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    Water and Sport

    Most of your staff will enjoy playing sport, but few might be aware of the importance of staying hydrated. When the human body moves, it sweats. This is not always noticeable, but obviously the more active a movement is, the more visible sweat becomes. Even breathing can cause the body to sweat, which is essentially a process that causes water reserves to be depleted at the cellular level. Every bodily function is regulated by water intake: core temperature, nervous system and the efficiency of internal organs and elimination functions. When people suffer dehydration, the effects may take a while to show and symptoms could be mistaken for general ill health. Headaches, fatigue, aching joints, listlessness, forgetfulness and an inability to concentrate are often caused by dehydration. So it's vital that offices provide water coolers for their staff to access easily. There are different types available, from mains fed water coolers to bottled water coolers. Good suppliers will be able to source local spring water via a national network of distributors. This can help reduce a company's costs and carbon footprint. Encourage staff to carry bottles with them when they're out working on site or visiting customers. You could even provide branded and reusable water bottles or hot drink carriers for staff as an incentive. Remember that eco water boilers are perfect for taking in adequate water via hot drinks. Educating staff about the importance of water in their lives is important too, and there are angles that will appeal to everyone. Tired parents will be pleased to know that good water intake can help them feel more energetic. Dieters will be pleased to know that it can help them reduce snacking and feel less hungry. Budgeters will be happy to remember that water is a free drink and the image-conscious will love learning that good water intake keeps the skin, hair and nails beautiful!

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