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  • Water and Sports Performance

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    Water and Sports Performance

    If you believe all the advertising around 'performance-enhancing' commercial sports drinks, you might be surprised to learn that most of these concoctions are nothing more than sugar and chemicals combined with basic water! Despite the hefty price tag of some, the truth is that many sports drinks are simply sweetened liquids and they are not required in your quest to get fit. In fact, over consumption of sugary commercial drinks will interfere with goals for fat loss, because the body will release insulin to deal with the glucose intake and demand simple sugars for fuel – rather than relying on the body's own fat stores. There are some instances where sports or performance drinks are valuable, but these tend to be for long-distance or high-intensity training, and even then you can make your own quite easily with water, fruit juice and a pinch of salt. Your Body Needs Water When you feel thirsty during exercise, there is only one thing that your body really wants – plain and simple water, whether that's from gym water coolers or from the tap. On cold days, you might warm up with a hot tea via the hot water dispensers – the choice is yours. But just make sure you opt for clean and unadulterated water. Water is closely linked to sports performance and an adequate intake will help you reach your fitness goals more quickly. Water will hydrate your muscles, skin and skeletal system and allow a complex reaction of hormonal changes to take place with maximum efficiency. One of the most crucial roles that water plays in exercise is allowing your body to regulate its temperature through sweating – this is even more crucial in hot weather. So drink up before, during and after exercise to stay on top of your game and achieve the results you are hoping for.