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  • Water and Your Skin in Cold Weather

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    Water and Your Skin in Cold Weather

    Many people will notice a change in their skin as the seasons change, particularly as they move into winter. The harsh truth is that the colder months are a real challenge for human skin. First, the effects of hard weather conditions, such as rain, wind and cold temperatures, take their toll. Second, the impact of constant temperature changes as people move between centrally-heated buildings and the cold outdoors can cause irritation and dryness. Throw the dry, dehydrating air-conditioned office environment into the mix, not to mention a festive season of alcohol and junk food, and it's a recipe for dull, flaky skin! Good old-fashioned water can really help to preserve your beautiful skin and keep it strong and moisturised, however. First, remember to keep drinking water, whether cold from the office water coolers or via herbal teas from the water boiler. Sip water throughout the day to allow your skin to naturally detoxify and cleanse itself. This will support your immune function too and reduce the risk of your catching a cold. Try putting a bowl of water over heaters and radiators to take the dryness out of the air (though do not make homes too humid, as this can cause health problems) and regularly get outside to breathe fresh air. Rather than switching to an overly heavy moisturiser, which can stress and overload your skin, try layering with light serums and vitamin-packed moisturisers. Skin oils can also help to trap water in the skin's outer layers and prevent it from getting dry. Remember to exfoliate gently to remove dead skin and reveal fresh layers; you can do this with either a scrub or facial peel. Fruit acids are very useful for this and they provide a gentle form of exfoliation. Don't forget your lips either! Use a gentle buffer or lip scrub to keep them soft and then protect them with a good moisturising lip balm or salve. Latest news from Waterlogic, leading UK supplier of office water dispensers, bottled and mains-fed water coolers and eco boilers.